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Adding certainty to your Rand....for Sure!
Randsure Brokers

Randsure Brokers


Randsure Brokers is an Authorised Financial Services Provider with extensive experience in the personal and business arenas. 

We are specialists in Financial and Estate Planning. Our services include Life Insurance, Investments, Retirement Annuities, Short Term Insurance, Wills and Medical Aids. At Randsure Brokers, we believe that each client is unique. 



We go to great lengths to tailor packages to suit our clients’ individual needs. The business sector is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. 

We continually investigate the latest trends,  thereby ensuring that our clients make informed decisions, based on the most up-to-date information.

  Financial & Estate Planning
We are confident that we add value to our customers’ lives in the following ways:

Personal Attention

Customer Satisfaction

Structured Packages 

Committed, Quality Service

Attention to Detail

Financial Wellbeing to suit 
   your individual needs




Everybody would like to know that they are secure, safe and, most importantly, that their family is adequately covered.  We all try to make the right decision and choose the option that best suits our needs, particularly in financial matters.

Randsure Brokers do more than try, we provide the best option for you and your family, ensuring that you are making the correct decision.

Adding certainty to your Rand....for Sure!


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